Yacht rent in Croatia and family trip

An island country attracting millions of tourists every year is Croatia. This has been the choice of many people when planning for a summer vacation. When my family is planning for a yacht charter during the month of September we wonder which will be the best place to make the days more enjoyable and fun. I searched for an island country to enjoy water sports but my parents asked me to choose a place where they can enjoy diversified places. So, we chose the Croatia, an island country. We included Makarska Riviera in the list of places that have to be visited. After spending two days in Hvar Island and some other coastal areas we reached makarska Riviera at early morning through yacht. We rented a yacht and used it throughout the journey to travel across the islands of Croatia.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

The makarsaka Riviera covers 60 km stretching between the small towns of Gradac and brela. Of course, the main town is makarska. It is one among the famous tourist places along the coast of Croatia and it is one among the beautiful sandy beaches with sparkling water, peaceful bays and pine trees. It is also popular for its attractive biokovo mountain that overlooks the coastal line. This small town has several attractive things such as fashionable cafes, boutiques and restaurants. In Croatia it is possible to charter a yacht here. Even modern hotels are at the outside of bay with its own curving and pine protected beaches. While my mom and dad loved to shop around things and enjoy the cuisine, myself and my brother spent the time in sports activities. Almost all the resorts provide a wide choice of water activities such as boat rides, waterskiing and scuba diving. Even people can enjoy mountain climbing in this town. Croatia has several advantages as it has tourist places with an excellent combination of sports, sightseeing, culture, cuisine and shopping. This means people can enjoy every moment being in the islands of this country. They can experience several awesome moments that they could ever imagined. It is very important to choose a good boat, not only Bavaria 39 Cruiser or Sun Odyssey 44i, but also consider catamarans. You will find really nice comparison of boats here:

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Boat in Croatia

We joined my parents at sightseeing after spend one hour in the water sports activities and take several family pictures. Franciscan monastery is one among the major sights in this beautiful town. This was built in 1614 and founded by the Bosnian monks. The basement of monastery houses a museum named Malacological museum. I saw a huge collection of shells, mussels and snails here at the museum. Even I saw some fossils from this region placed on the display. Another place we went to enjoy sightseeing is the church of saint mark. It is built in the year 1776 on the main square. This small town has many hotels and restaurants to spend time with close ones and enjoy the meal. We enjoyed cuisines of different countries in a restaurant of this town. Finally, when we were moving back to the yacht we shop around and buy something to keep as a memorable piece for our family trip. Then I and my brother started to take pictures of the town from the view of yacht.

Croatian views